We celebrated a most enjoyable summer season at Kelburn with our annual prizegiving on Saturday 23 April 2022. The season's top prize winner in Association Croquet was Marion McInnes, and in Golf Croquet David Robinson led the field. 

The full list of prize winners is below. 

Association Croquet Open Championship

Winner, Sargisson Memorial Tankard, Baubre Murray

Runner-up, Hiley Cup, Marion McInnes

Golf Croquet Open Championship

Winner, Ingram Trophy, David Robinson

Runner-up, Campbell Trophy, John Corsham

Plate, Whitcombe Tray, Pam Fuller

Association Croquet Grade Singles   

A Grade, Levels Tray, Marion McInnes

B Grade, Jolly Fondant Dish, Kathleen Coleridge

C Grade, Mills Cup, John Stevens

Golf Croquet Grade Singles

Senior Grade, Tray, Marion McInnes

Intermediate Grade, Tray, Dave Egley; Runner-up, Fraser Bowl, David Robinson

Primary Grade, Primary Tray, Lyn King;  Runner-up, McDonald Tray, Mary Egley

Junior Primary Grade, Trophy, Joan Keate

Association Croquet Open Handicap Singles [not played]

Golf Croquet Open Handicap Singles    

Winner, Harper Tray, David Robinson

Runner-up, Fluted Vase, Lyn King    

Association Croquet Handicap Singles  

Senior, Pritchard Tray, Marion McInnes

Junior, Donovan Trophy, Kathleen Coleridge

Runner-up, Wilson Sugar Basin, Jane Norman                Association Croquet Handicap Doubles, Stevens Trophy [not completed]

Golf Croquet Doubles Aggregate Tournament

Winner, Tray, Jim Brough, Dave Egley, Joan Keate  

Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles Tournament

Winners,  Entrée Dish, Ron Rosenberg and Colette Mackenzie

Runners-up, Sandwich Tray, Jane Norman and Joan Keate

Golf Croquet Twilight Tournaments

Winner, Beverley Upton Memorial Tray, John Corsham

Upton Cup, John Corsham

Summer Ladder

Life Members Brooch, David Robinson    

Best First Season Player

Ilsley Cup, Colette Mackenzie        

Best Second Season Player

Todd Candlestick, John Corsham

Most Improved Player

Lady Johnston Cup, David Robinson

For Services to the Club

Crump Claret Jug, Lesley Meadows